What is a Micromarket?

Micromarkets are the evolution of traditional vending.

Micromarkets are the most popular vending solution for corporate breakrooms. It is a miniature retail space that features state of the art equipment such as shelves, coolers, and self service kiosks. Each micromarket is designed to accommodate your space and align with your company’s unique brand. Give your employees the ultimate breakroom experience by choosing one of our micromarket packages!

Why Choose a Micromarket

Micromarkets are the total breakroom solution

Micromarkets offer a larger variety of options such as fresh foods, healthy alternatives, grab-and-go products, as well as personal and pharmaceutical items. Traditional vending is limited to snacks and beverages. Upgrade from traditional vending machines to offer more product options to your company.

Micromarket Features
Micromarkets feature technology that monitors inventory remotely, so your favorite products are always stocked.
Accepts credit, debit, and cashless payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Maintenance issues and troubleshooting are resolved remotely.
Employees can browse before purchasing items and enjoy a gathering space in the breakroom.
Downsize from a manned retail space to a self service kiosk option.
Employee Rewards Program and featured promotions.
24/7 Surveillance
Fresh Fruit
Pasta Salads
Breakfast Sandwiches
And More!
Pharmaceuticals and personal items
Pharmaceuticals and personal items

Locations for Micromarkets

Micromarkets are designed for high traffic and secured areas such as (but not limited to):

Office Spaces
Health Clubs
Senior Care Facilities

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